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Thermal Lab Testing: Easy Mode


Analytical and Numerical modeling techniques are an amazing tool-set for rapid experimentation and driving design convergence. That said, empirical testing for your heat transfer solution is typically considered to be the golden standard for design verification. Strategic Thermal Labs maintains numerous test appliances, fixtures, and instruments in house for quick-turn validation. We also have local resources that we partner with to increase our lab testing capability portfolio.

Air Flow Chamber/Flowbench Testing

  • Airflow Impedance Testing

  • Fan PQ Verification

  • Controlled-Airflow Thermal Performance Testing

Temperature and Humidity Testing

  • Full system instrumentation and data acquisition

  • Access to numerous environmental, temperature, and humidity controlled chambers

thermocouple installation.jpg
Infrared Imaging

  • Infrared Temperature capture

  • Hot-spot mapping for identifying precise thermocouple locations

  • Emissivity Correction and Calibrations

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