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In-house Prototype Testing and Thermal Test Equipment Rental

  • Walk-In Thermal Chamber

  • HALT Chamber

  • Airflow Test Chamber (Flowbench)

  • Data Loggers

  • Acoustic Data Acquisition Systems

  • In-House Thermocouple production


  • Located in Leander, TX with convenient access to Airport and Hotels

  • 1875 sqft with dedicated lab and office space

  • 15ft roll-up door to facilitate large equipment dropoff

  • 3Phase 208 Volt 400 Amp Power onsite to support environmental test equipment

  • Full instrumentation, data acquisition, test and validation capabilities.

  • Continuous investments being made in compute hardware and capacity to scale with space to support a scalable engineering team to meet growing demand

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CSZ Walk-In Thermal Chamber

  • Cincinnati Sub-Zero WM-660

  • -34°C to 85°C

  • 20% to 95% Relative Humidity

  • Capable of supporting both operational and non-operational temperature and humidity cyclin along with product dwell testing

  • Approximately 660 cubic feet


Qualmark OVS 2.5 HALT Chamber

  • Chamber Size: 35"L X 36"W X 36"H

  • Chamber Volume: 26.25 cu.ft.

  • Temperature Limits - Farenheight: -148 Degrees F to 392 Degrees F

  • Temperature Limits - Celsius: -100 Degrees C to 200 Degrees C

  • Rate of Temperature Change: 140 Degrees F/min.(60 Degrees C/min.)

  • Heaters: 48kW

  • Circulation Fans: (2) at 2 HP each

  • Table Dimensions: 30" X 30"

  • Table Maximum Capacity: 320 lbs.

  • Table Actuators: 8

  • Vibration Setpoint - Maximum: 50g-RMS


Air Flow Test Chamber (Flowbench)

  • Removeable, Precision-Machined, Airflow Nozzles Calibrated for total airflow ranging from 0.3 to 500 CFM

  • Modular adapter plate enables quick test setup times

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