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  • Our design team is comprised of known industry thought leaders in the electronics cooling space who bring extensive technical prowess, vendor capability perspective, and creative problem solving skills into each customer engagement. 

  • Any design we complete for a customer is fully owned by that customer and you can rest assured that your IP containment is our highest priority. 

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  • Based upon your unique cost metric hierarchy, we can perform rapid design iteration and parametric optimization to maximize design value. 

  • Design for Cost, Performance, Efficiency, Mass, Environmental Impact

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  • Thermal Design Validation on New and Existing Product Solutions

  • Qualitative Design feedback

  • Analytical Performance Prediction

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling

Thermal Testing
  • Air Flow Bench testing

  • Environmental/Thermal Chamber testing

  • Component thermal, electrical, and mechanical instrumentation


We have several trusted prototyping partners that allow for us to quickly manufacture new designs for evaluation. We can take full ownership of building and testing your newest heat transfer solutions to validate their functionality in environmentally controlled settings.

Elastic Engineering Resources

In today's fast moving technology sector, many companies have dynamic or periodic thermal engineering needs where it does not always make financial sense to hire an FTE thermal engineer. Consider Strategic Thermal Labs your 12th man (or 6th depending upon sport).  

  • On-Demand Engineering Resources

  • Coin-Operated cost modeling options, pay for what you need when you need it

  • Full cross-functional team integration with the rest of your business

Technical Writing
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  • Technical Documentation

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Whitepapers and Research Publications

Joint Development

Have a novel concept that you would like to bring to life but would like to partner with an experienced product design organization? Strategic Thermal Labs engineers are all product development veterans and we can work with you to help bring your new product to life.

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