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Parametric Pursuit of Perfection


Strategic Thermal Labs believes that there is enormous value-potential in moving an engineered solution from adequate to optimal. Whether your goal is to reduce BOM Cost, save weight, or set the bar for peak efficiency, STL is your trusted partner for solution optimization.

Cost Functions and Metrology


Understanding which design factors are most important to our customers' businesses is absolutely critical to moving a design from being "satisfactory" to becoming "optimized".

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Rapid, Intelligently Guided, Iteration


Leveraging our deep analytical skill set and subject matter expertise in the realm of heat and mass transfer, STL engineers are able to isolate the design features that most affect your business's unique cost functions. We use a combination of analytical optimization schema and controlled Design of Experiments (DOEs) to converge at optimization.

Tangible Value Add


Optimization for optimization sake is inefficient and wasteful. Our job is not complete until we have demonstrated value-enhancement aligned to your strategic objectives.

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