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Design Constraints and Boundary Conditions


Communication is everything. At Strategic Thermal Labs, we believe that listening to and understanding the unique challenges, limitations, cost functions, and priorities from our customers is the single most important step in a successful partnership.

Analytical Bridges


Many engineering consultants are quick to jump directly into simulation without, first, Functionally Discretizing the problem statement. Strategic Thermal Labs has turned analytical bridging into an incredibly efficient tool for understanding the physics in any heat transfer problem and using that intelligence to surgically guide our simulation efforts. The result is faster response time, faster design convergence, and less time spent waiting for simulation results.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics


Once we have a firm understanding of the physical limitations and converged on practical design objectives for overcoming those limitations, we enter into simulation. Relying on the most trusted CFD packages in the industry gives Strategic Thermal Labs performance prediction accuracy across a wide spectrum of heat and mass transfer environments.

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