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Our Mission

To provide unparalleled-excellence in thermal engineering services through a wide spectrum of flexible customer engagement models that enable our customers to operate efficiently and effectively.  


Founded in 2014 near Austin, TX, Strategic Thermal Labs is a business dedicated to solving heat and mass transfer problems across a wide spectrum of industries. We offer world-class thermal engineering leadership that is well proven by the impressive industry pedigrees of each of our contributing engineers. Our team of contributing engineers combine for over 225 US patents and 40 years of industry experience in hyper-scale server, PC, mobile, and consumer electronic spaces. Our objective is to provide deep subject matter expertise, high quality test and simulation capabilities, and truly creative problem solving to each of our customer engagements. 



At Strategic Thermal Labs, we are lead by an unyielding duty to operate honestly, and transparently with every company or individual we interact with. We are convinced that being open and transparent is the only way business should ever be conducted. Honesty is a nonnegotiable, concrete, requirement for every person who works for STL.  


Our engineers are industry leaders in air cooling, single and multi-phase liquid cooling, immersion cooling, and evaporative cooling strategies. 


We can engage customers on tasks as simple as a quick, one-off, analytical sanity check on an existing design all the way to highly complex joint development efforts where our engineering team works alongside your team to design, simulate, prototype, and test new products. 


Our business is to make your business successful. We have extremely customer-centric Intellectual Property agreements and you can feel confident that you are engaging with a trustworthy partner. Having firsthand experience with various forms of IP-theft, our team is 100% dedicated to protecting your ideas, patents, and confidentiality.


Finally, we believe in engineering quality, rigor, and accountability. To this end, each project is managed by one of our actively licensed Professional Engineers. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right. 

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Austin Shelnutt
Founder and Principal Engineer

Austin Shelnutt is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Texas with an extensive background in thermal architecture and design. After graduating with his Master's of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Austin went to work as a thermal architect in the Data Center Solutions organization at Dell Inc. During his 10 years spent there, Austin lead server platform thermal design, pioneered Dell's server alternative cooling strategy around single and multi-phase liquid cooling solutions, and generated nearly 90 US patents in advanced thermal design and controls. In addition to a strong passion for heat transfer, Austin enjoys living in the Austin, TX suburbs with his wife and 3 daughters. 

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